• Vol. 6
  • Semester II
  • 2021
Video Class (Zoom Meeting)
500 Participants
Tuesday, 31 August 2021
12:30 PM
  1. Agus Sasirangan
  2. Titik Rusmiati

      One of the fundamental factors for the success of a company is a solid and high-performance team. A team is capable of high performance if it has clear goals or objectives that are understood by all team members. It is undeniable, a team with high performance is needed today, because the competition is getting more complex. Only a solid team with High Performance can succeed in making a positive contribution to the Company.

      In this Semester 2 Vol.6 Business Clinic Class, we will discuss how to create a solid work team and have high work performance with a focus on discussing how to create smart workers, with a smart work culture that will provide optimal work results without being dependent. With the duration of work, this is very important to learn considering the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, which affects the effective working hours that are usually applied in running their business.

Tools used:
  • Participants have a Gadget/Laptop and stable internet access
  • Participants have Zoom Meeting apps