• Vol. 1
  • Semester II
  • 2022
Video Class (Zoom Meeting)
100 Participants
Wednesday, 10 August 2022
12:30 PM
William Lukmandjaja MBA
Risfa Nur Aisyah

[ Brand Identity : Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA)!!]

Do you know what the Top of Mind Awareness theory is or what is cooler called TOMA!!

Now to answer that ignorance, the Klinik Bisnis will present a personal branding strategist who will provide insight for you regarding the importance of a brand identity: Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA) and encourage your enthusiasm to apply it.

Wow, that's really cool ?

Want to know how?
Let's take the Klinik Bisnis Class Vol 1 Semester 2.
As a special class at the beginning of semester 2, we present a speaker, namely William Lukmandjaja, MBA Personal Branding Strategist who will discuss specifically about "Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA).

Anyone can participate and will get benefits in the form of E-Certificates, relationships, useful knowledge of course.

What are you waiting for, immediately register yourself to take this Klinik Bisnis Class. Please click the registration link in our Instagram bio.

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Save the date:
Wednesday, August 10, 2022.
12.30 WIB - Done.
Via Zoom Meeting

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