• Vol. 1
  • Semester II
  • 2021
Video Class (Zoom Meeting)
300 Participants
Wednesday, 09 June 2021
01:00 PM
Trismawan, S.T
Muhammad Taufikurahman
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Proudly Presents Klinik Bisnis

Content is actually one of the factors that can increase interest. The content itself can be in the form of photos, images, writings, videos, games and so on. Content is usually used to be published on various social media such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and others. When the use of social media has a business purpose, the social media content created must be in accordance with the specified marketing strategy. Content is actually capable of interpreting the business being run, and helps in developing the business.

But unfortunately, not many business activists know how to create business content that is in accordance with their business marketing, so it's no wonder that many business activists are still confused about choosing the right social media content and can increase consumer interest.

In Class 2 Semester Business Clinic Vol. This time I will discuss further how to create content that is suitable for your business marketing in a short time and can increase brand awareness. Guided by professionals in their fields, so creating business content only takes 2 minutes. In this KKB, design techniques will also be given so that the visual content you create looks more attractive and classy.